I looked through them maybe as an act of desperation or I just because I felt lonely, but… as I did I felt this sense of security that I haven’t felt in such a long time, I looked through them because they tell me the setting of the story, it’s as i feel the exact emotion I felt when I was there, wether it was in Laguna, road trip to ukiah, or maybe the picture with lammy and Carl… or maybe it was the picture I took with your parents…or we as sat in my drive way before I took you on your first cruise, the feeling of you rest your head on my should while we cruised to oldies…while you rested your elbows on my center console while you stared at me with that look..that look then unforgettable look the look I got when we sat in the back of my truck on our first date…I finally got the bill paying those deer to act like they were on a date was pretty pricey, the smile you gave me when I told you that joke was priceless…you make such a great burrito, maybe that’s how you lost it ,ehh whatever, or the face You have me when I gave you the second one. that night was perfect even if I have to run into party’s and grab emiri because she was drunk…those nights are the ones I won’t forget. because I love them and 233 pictures just make them so much easier to remember , love talking to you when I’m down. thanks Jenn Jenn.

firelight-young the giant

what I would to be with you in Laguna right now…

little did you know..

I’ll wait till the sun dies…

3:00Am She can have you?

it seems as if this saying is never ending ” she can have you” as if nothing mattered anymore as if that would make your life easier just knowing someone else had me, and now I’m sitting here at 3:00 in the morning just wanting 1 hour of rest where you don’t consume every inch of my mind where I don’t see you in every little thing but I guess it’s easier now why…because “it doesn’t concern you no mo.” right? because all the waiting and wanting to be with you was and is all in vain…ouch thanks

he’s cute for you

I'm Not The Only One...pt.1

You and me we made a vow for better or for worse…I can’t believe you let me down..

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